We understand the need to resolve any dispute quickly and efficiently in order to reach the most appropriate and cost effective solution.

We evaluate each case at the outset and provide straightforward advice on the merits of the case and cost issues. Our aim is then to conduct matters speedily but thoroughly and, at key stages, to assess both the financial and commercial implications of the case.

We will work towards resolving matters without the need for the issue of proceedings in Court. Litigating through the Courts or by arbitration can be both expensive and time consuming. We consider litigation as one of a number of options available for resolving disputes

We will recommend mediation or negotiation if there is sufficient common ground to achieve a settlement. The swiftest route to a satisfactory resolution of a case can often be found in strong reasoned argument. However, we will take firm action where our clients’ situation demands it.

We have extensive experience of advising both commercial clients and individuals on a range of disputes.

If you find yourself in a dispute please contact us to see how we can help you.

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