Family Mediation

Family mediation is a way of resolving disputes after separation or during divorce by helping couples to look for their own solutions rather than fight about them in the Courts:-

  • Both parties explain their concerns and needs to each other in the presence of our qualified Family Mediator
  • The Mediator is impartial, so they are not on anyone’s side
  • The Mediator helps both parties, unlike a solicitor appointed to act just for you
  • Although the Mediator will suggest ways of solving your problems or help you both to reach an agreement, they will never tell you what to do
  • Our Mediator is an experienced Family Lawyer so can tell you about the law to help you find agreement, but is impartial so they can’t give anyone advice about what to do, although can provide legal information to help you

When to use a Mediator?

  • Mediation depends on both parties wanting to find solutions not to score points or win arguments, it is entirely voluntary
  • For those couples it is a less acrimonious, quicker and much cheaper option than pursuing their differences through the Courts
  • In many cases couples take their own independent legal advice before they see the Mediator
  • In most cases a successful Mediation takes more than one session and you are free to see your own solicitor if you want to for legal advice in between sessions
  • Mediation is confidential and ‘without prejudice’ (nothing said in the mediation is admissible as evidence in legal proceedings).
  • Parties can mediate at any stage before or during proceedings
  • If agreement is reached you may need to go back to your own solicitor to help finalise agreement in a binding way
  • Any settlement reached is legally binding once put into writing and signed by the parties.


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